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What is Behavioral Finanancial Advice?

My mission, is to help you achieve your goals. I do this by enhancing the effectiveness of traditional financial planning with concepts of behavioral financial advice. Traditional planning and investments use concepts like Asset Allocation and Modern Portfolio Theory, which are still important. However, they are all based on the premise that investors will make rational decisions without bias. In reality, this is a challenge for most individuals.

There are three components to behavioral financial advice.

  1. Psychology and Behavior
  2. Traditional Finance and Economics
  3. Neuroscience, which involves the study of the brain itself.

It sounds complicated, but if you break it down to simple terms, it means that our very brain and our emotions can prevent us from making great financial decisions.

Behavioral financial advice does not replace traditional financial planning and investments. It will simply increases the effective usage of the financial plan by improving decision-making behavior on both your part and mine—we are both going to do a better job.

Research has demonstrated that traditional financial services are only part of the story.  Your savings and investment decisions and behaviors have the largest impact on your future financial success. 

By nature, we as human beings are heavily influenced by our emotions and biases, which often lead to less than effective decision making and results. To provide our clients with an effective and complete financial services experience, we combine traditional with behavioral financial advice.

In addition to 20 years of experience in traditional financial planning and portfolio management, we are part of a select group of financial advisors certified in behavioral finance, which provides our clients the often missing and possibly most important piece to their overall success.  

As the field of financial management continues to evolve, it is evident that behavioral finance plays a much bigger role in our clients' success than previously thought.  I have spent years refining both methods into one service so our clients can benefit from a complete approach to a well planned future. 

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