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Imagine for a moment, a Financial Advisor in your corner that cares about your Return on Life.  An advisor that has over 20 years of Financial Planning and Investment experience.  Imagine an advisor that has built his practice with the vision to help you improve your quality of life.  Imagine an advisor that cares to give you the time you need and asks the right questions to help you prepare for your life transitions.  Imagine an advisor that coaches you through important financial decisions.

Imagine an advisor that has your best interest in mind...always! 

At Agostino Financial Management we live and breath this way of working with our clients.  We imagined what a great service could and should be, so we built it!

We invite you to sit down for a complimentary conversation.  Contact us at (717) 963-7150 or request a meeting with Ben below.

Financial Life Planner

Our job as your Financial Life Planner is all about the successful connection between your Money and your Life.  Our tools are designed to identify what is important to you in life so we can build your financial plan to promote life fulfillment and enjoyment.  

Imagine a plan to improve not only your net worth but your overall "Return on LIfe".

Financial Planner

Our job as your Financial Planner is to build a bridge between where you are today and the life you want to live tomorrow.  This is where we collect and analyze your financial information and create an action plan to pursue your financial life goals.

Investment Advisor

Our job as your Investment/Insurance Advisor is to skillfully maneuver your assets according to your financial plan, to make your life plan a reality.  To accomplish this, we offer comprehensive portfolio management and insurance services to meet your ieeds.

Return on Life 

Our first step to improving your "Return on Life" is to assess your current satisfaction in 10 key areas of life.  Click below to take your free assessment.

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