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Return on LIfe Process

Return on Life (ROL)

Most of the people in financial services focus almost exclusively on return on investment (how much do you have and how much did it earn?) While we attend to the ROI concern, our first focus is on a more important matter, RETURN ON LIFE which asks, "are you getting the best life possible with the money you have?" Our goal is to help you make wise decisions in ALL money matters and to see the benefits of those decisions in your life.


This profile helps us to understand you and your situation in two ways. One, we want to know your philosophy on eight key money matters and how you arrived at those perspectives. Secondly, we want to know where you're comfortable and where you're not comfortable in your financial situation.  Only by having these conversations can we really know where your stand, so we can together build your tomorrow. 

ROL Index 

This profile is a self-reflective exercise that helps you to see how 10 different aspects of your life are impacted by the financial decisions you make. Our goal is to help you get the best life possible with the money you have. The results of this profile will help you understand both strengths and areas of improvement.


One really important aspect that is often overlooked in the planning process is the impact of big life transitions on your financial well-being. Every passage of life has an effect on our finances and we want to be proactive.  $Lifeline is designed to help our clients be prepared ahead of life's transitions, so that we don't have financial issues when the life change arrives. We believe it's better to prepare than to repair.

Please click the link below to take our free 5-minute ROL Index Assessment and see your Return on Life score.

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